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Entertaining Designs By Melanie Barry 
Beaded Hostess Set $35
This large beaded Oneida serving fork and spoon is perfect for dishing out vegetables, meat, or can be used together to serve salad or pasta. This set will brighten up any table or buffet. The gift comes complete with a white swirled box. 
Beaded Appetizer Set $26
Beaded Pie Server $27
Beaded Tableware, Wine Accessories, Frames
Melanie takes pride in the wide selection of quality products. All of the products offered are handmade in her home studio. Each product is offered in a variety of different color combinations.

If you have any questions regarding the products or would like more information, please contact Melanie using the information above. 

This three piece appetizer set can be used to serve all appetizers from olives, sauces, cheese, pickles, seafood and more! The set comes in a white box. 
This versatile server can be used for dishing out pies, pastries, cakes, and quiche. 
Beaded Ice/Appetizer Tongs $27
Brighten up your bar of buffet with these eloquently beaded stainless steel tongs. They're great for picking up ice, appetizers, and small food. The tongs are a nice addition to the crystal beaded ice bucket. 
Beaded Spreaders $11
Large Server $27
If you are looking for a small gift that is incredibly useful, these hand-beaded stainless steel spreaders are the answer. These spreaders can be used to serve butter, cheese,pâté and more. Grab 2 or more for $10 each!
This large server can be used to dish out lasagna, casseroles, enchiladas, sheet cake,and more! The flat edge can be used to cut portions to just the right size. 
High quality beaded products are made from tempered glass, 18/10 stainless steel, colorful glimmering glass beads, and non-tarnishing wire containing real silver.
Large Tongs $27
Jazz up your table or buffet with these colorful tongs! They are perfect for dishing out salad and pasta. These tongs can also be used for picking up hot dinner rolls, corn, or even ice!
Beaded Cheese Tools $9-13
Cheese Plane $26
These unique beaded cheese tools come in a variety of shapes for cutting and spreading both hard and soft cheeses. Mix and match a variety of colors and tools for a great gift for a special cheese lover!
This unique cheese plane doubles as a small server or cheese plane. The sharp edge effortlessly makes thin slices of hard cheeses such as asiago and parmigiano. The slices can then be served on crackers or even on top of casseroles, lasagna, or pizza. This eye catching cheese plan is sure to stand out on a cheese platter or please your favorite cheese lover. The item can be color coordinated and combined with the large beaded cheese plate or platter.
Beaded Coffee Scoop $16
This product is a perfect gift for coffee lovers. It can be attached to a bag of coffee for a fun hostess or teacher's gift. The spoon is also a nice addition to a "themed mug" (holiday, birthday, Top Boss, etc.) gift set. 
Beaded Ice Scoop $28
Beaded Gravy Ladle $25
This colorful ice scoop will be a topic of discussion at your next party! The versatile scoop can be used for serving ice, chips, popcorn, and more! 
This beaded ladle will be a great addition to your table during the holiday season! Gravy, sauces, and punch can all be eloquently served with this versatile piece. 
Cocktail Fork $14
Beaded Cake Set $42
This new long thin beaded fork is perfect for serving pickles, olives, artichokes, and shrimp. The item will add a touch of elegance to your next anti pasta tray. This attractive fork fits well in my medium square bowl and is long enough to reach into tall and narrow pickle and olive jars. 
This versatile beaded cake set is the perfect wedding gift for that special couple! Melanie can even custom bead this cake set to match that special couple's wedding colors! The server can be used for serving pie, quiche and pastries. The knife can also be used for carving turkey, ham, or cutting bread! This unique functional set is also a nice addition to anyone serving utensils! The set comes in a white box. 
Combination Beaded Coffee Scoop/Clamp $22
With this ingenious gadget, coffee will always stay fresh and you will never find yourself searching for your coffee scoop again! This scoop/clamp can be attached to a nice bag of coffee for a very unique hostess, boss, or teacher's gift. 
Beaded Jaw Clamp $8.50, 2 or more $7.50 each 
Beaded Wine Opener $22
How often do you need to secure opened bags closed and airtight? This colorful whimsical beaded jaw clip is the answer. It is a perfect addition to a bag of candy, coffee, or favorite chips! The grateful recipient will reach for this durable clamp time and time again. 
This hand-beaded Italian wine opener is an elegant way to open your favorite bottle of wine. The opener coordinates well with Melanie's matching beaded wine glasses. A great gift idea is to hang this unique opener with a ribbon/satin cord around a bottle of wine. 
Beaded Wine Stopper $5, each after $4
Wine connoisseurs know you shouldn't let your wine breathe too long, and these fun beaded stoppers are an attractive way to preserve your open bottles. These corks can also be tied around a bottle of wine to bring to a party. Melanie has also beaded these corks for memorable wedding and party favors!
Beaded Demitasse Spoons $6
These small spoons are ideal for serving dips, jams, honey, and sauces! They are also useful for serving coffee, expresso, and tea. These beaded spoons are a nice addition to the beaded mini square bowl or the round sugar/dip dish.
Etched Nut Spoons $12
This beaded oval spoon is etched in several patterns and the arched handle is highlighted with glass and crystal beads. Use this fun spoon to serve nuts, candy, dip, and sauce from a matching small square beaded bowl. This spoon can also be ribboned to a bag of gourmet nuts, candy, or dip mix for a tasteful hostess gift.
Beaded Food Picks $2.50
Pick up small hors d'oeuvres with these colorful shiny stainless steel food picks. Brighten your buffet or bring a smile to a friend's face who loves to entertain by gifting several of these cheerful picks!  
Beaded Vegetable Tongs $18
Cheese cubes, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms, brownies, and more can all be easily grasped with these beaded tongs. Several different shaped ends are available: square, round, and pronged. These tongs can be used to grasp food from large beaded cheese plates or platters.